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CoolPix - Airshow: Kent Pietsch 'Jelly Belly' Motorhome Landing! (3 Pix)

(click pic for hi-res)       Kent Pietsch landing on the motorhome runway!

(3 pix)

 I had a really cool opportunity at the Indy Air Show back in June... and these three pix are the result of it. Airshow pilot Kent Pietsch (say peach) does some of the coolest aerobatic routines in his humble 1942 Interstate Cadet, including landing on the tiny runway on top of this motorhome while it's driving down the runway. At some airshows he uses a modified pickup truck with a platform mounted above it, but either way it's very, very impressive. (learn more about the Jelly Belly sponsored Cadet and Kent Pietsch in AirPigz podcast #12)

 He was making some promo passes down the runway that were being videotaped by a guy in the bed of a pickup truck that I was riding in, except I was hanging out in the breeze sitting on the passenger door sill with my still camera. What an awesome sight it was to be this close to Kent! His skills with the Cadet are amazing. I was really impressed with how well he could put the airplane right where he wanted it... and how much fun he was having doing things like this picture shows, putting just one wheel on the platform.


 (click pic for hi-res)

 As we ran out of runway on one of the passes, Kent flew right past the pickup and gave me a chance to get a nice close up of him and the airplane. The views I had of the airplane were fantastic. I really love this kind of stuff : )


(click pic for hi-res)

 After all the picture passes were done and we were back over on the ramp, I had the chance to climb up on the motorhome runway to get some pix. At the far end you can see the small wells for the wheels to drop down into. Keep in mind that the whole platform is just a little longer than the airplane! I knew from talking to Kent in the podcast that this routine was challenging, but after seeing it up close on this day, there was no doubt. However, Kent seems to be perfectly wired for this kind of stuff and he made it look really easy. For more details on the challenges and mechanics of it all, listen to Airpigz podcast #12

 If you ever get the chance to see Kent Pietsch fly the Interstate Cadet, don't miss it. He'll definitely impress you with his fab flying skills.

 Wanna see more? Check out this excellent video of Kent's deadstick routine from Reno 2010.


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Reader Comments (1)

I really enjoyed this year's show (on Sunday anyway) (never miss it - live in Carmel). Anyone who has not been to the Indy show is missing out on some great flying. If I am not mistaken, the 2011 show moves to mid-May instead of June (which used to be August :) )


November 13, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterRTF Skymaster

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