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CoolPix - Airliners: A380 Preparing To Depart Oshkosh 2009

(click pic for hi-res)

 Yeah, I know it’s the second CoolPix entry for the A380 at Oshkosh 2009, but c’mon, having the mega-super-big-bus sitting on the ramp all week making lots of shade should definitely earn it several CoolPix awards.  Plus, I took this pic while the airplane was waiting to do its departure flight demo, so this is the A380 getting ready to say goodbye to Oshkosh 2009.  It’s a special moment.

 As always, remember to click the pic for the hi-res version.  The whole point of the  CoolPix experience is to be pulled into the image, to experience it in a way that a 530px wide image just can’t do.

 I like this pic for several reasons.

 The airplane is facing east on the taxiway that leads from AeroShell Square (where it sat all week) out to the runway… it didn’t spend very much time sitting here, so it’s not all that common of a picture.

 I like it cuz it’s such a cool contrast of the world’s largest airliner floating on a sea of what makes Oshkosh so great: people and airplanes.

 You should also notice that while that big honkin’ airplane is not far from all these people, they are definitely looking at something else.  The something else is the WhiteKnightTwo just about to start takeoff roll for its flight demo.  WK2 was such an awesome machine to have up there in 2009, and here we have almost every eye glued to it.

 Lastly, it’s just neat to be able to look around at people who are enjoying Oshkosh.  You can even see the captain sitting in the front office of the A380.  I don’t know about you, but I’m thinking it’s a pretty cool CoolPix : )


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