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Circa 1968: NASA Lunar Landing Research Vehicle (Neil Armstrong Ejection) 

 Bell Aerosystems built this fascinating flying simulator for NASA to help them test control and develop pilot skills for the eventual Lunar Modules for the Apollo missions.  Officially named the Lunar Landing Research Vehicle, or LLRV, it first flew in 1964.  It was powered by a vertically mounted, gimbaled turbofan with power settings adjusted to carry 5/6ths of the loaded vehicles weight.  The contraption then had an array of hydrogen peroxide rocket thrusters to give full simulated control or the conditions expected in a lunar landing.

 This video is pretty amazing for at least two reasons.  First, the bizarre looking 'flying bedstead' as it was often called, is amazingly stable and controlled considering this was the mid-60's.  But then that leads us to the second reason this is an amazing video... it shows the loss of control and safe ejection by Neil Armstrong!  Fascinating video!



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