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Some RC Flyers Must Have Dual-Core Brains!

 I've got a pretty good brain, it even scored at a level 20 years younger than my age on this brain test that's been floating around the net for a while.  But I really struggle sometimes to understand how some of these RC guys can do the things they do.

 This video isn't new, but I regularly dig pretty deep into the dark and crusty corners of YouTube and I hadn't seen this one yet, so it's likely new to you as well.  The camera work is also really well done here, which is a big plus.

 This is a pretty huge RC model with some stunning performance.  And yes, we should spend a moment or two marveling at how well the engine runs during this demo, and how responsive the transmitter, receiver and all the servos function.

 But I just can't get over how much practice, effort and skill is required to fly a model airplane of this size, and at this level.  Who are these people and where do they get the dual-core processor brain to do this kind of stuff?!  Enjoy. 


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