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OSHKOSH Pic Stream #4 - Wednesday , July 29 

This "prehistoric" flapping wing machine and wing-walker have been coming to Oshkosh for 25 years now.  It never gets old seeing it pop and sputter down the flightline!  You can also see skywriting for Scheyden eyewear drifting away in the background sky.


There was a really cool hand-propping demo going on each day in front of the Vintage Hangar.  It was a great op for people unfamiliar to get some good tips and cautions.


The que line for getting inside the the A380 was kinda long and slow moving.  Everyone I talked to tho that went thru was glad that they did.


Two main gear trucks with 6 tires each and two with 4 tires each... plus 2 at the nose makes for 22 tires in all.  That's only 4 more than the 747.


Another view of the Taylor Speedstar.  It's just a concept at the moment, but there was a lot of interest and hope that this will lead to an STC for this single turbine Aerostar modification.


Oshkosh doesn't get any better than this!


Matt Chapman in the CAP 580 putting on a great show for Embry-Riddle.  photo: Tim Stiffler


David Martin in the Breitling Extra 330 throwing smoke into the perfect blue sky.  photo: Tim Stiffler


The Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum had their fabulous Lancaster bomber on display.


For a $5 donation (to help pay for the fuel) you could climb up the ladder and all the way thru the Lanc.  What a fantastic experience!  I had a nice visit with Richard E.J. Pulley, one of the pilots as he told me some of the history on this specific airplane.


Beautiful Lockheed P-38 on display in the Warbird area.  photo: Tim Stiffler


A closer view looking inside the unusual P-38 cockpit.  photo: Tim Stiffler


The mouth and teeth of an excellent Curtiss P-40 ready to eat you up!  photo: Tim Stiffler


It's not warbirds without P-51's!  photo: Tim Stiffler


The care given some of these aircraft is absolutely amazing.  photo: Tim Stiffler


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