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Project VP Hibernation To End Soon - ’Sponsor’ T-Shirts Ready To Ship (Help!)  

(5 pix + Video)

 (for details on how to order a 6-color Project VP ‘sponsor’ t-shirt, please send an email to me at - current sizes available: S, L, XL , XXL)

 I’ve recruited the help of my cute niece Madison to help promote the t-shirt ‘sponsorship’ program for my modified VolksPlane homebuilt airplane called ‘Project VP’.  You may already know I started the airplane just 90 days before Oshkosh 2009 with the serious hope of getting it completed and flying in that short period of time.  Yes, it’s true that I lean pretty far over the ‘crazy’ line, but hey, my feet are always still over there on the sane side!  Anyway, I ran out of time, but mostly I ran out of financial resources, which has pretty much been the story of my life this past 18 months.  More on that in a minute.

 I sold several of these $50 Project VP t-shirts before Oshkosh last year - thank you very much to the awesome people who supported this effort from the start!  And now I’m back to get this project once again on track so we can get it done and in the air.  Obviously the shirt isn’t really worth $50, but the point here is: buying a shirt is all about being a supporter of the effort.  And I think I can give you several reasons why supporting this sweet little updated design of the VolksPlane is something you can feel good about.

1)  The entire airplane will be built for well under $5,000.  A big reason for the small cost comes from the fact that I’m actually borrowing an airworthy VW engine from my good friend Steve Riggs in Illinois.  Without his help, I definitely wouldn't stand a chance on this project.  I’m also really good at stretching the dollar as far as I can.  The bottom line is that every shirt sold will really make a big difference in supporting the build.

 2)  I’m making the build very visible via construction videos and a live shop cam.  The biggest reason for this is to encourage and educate more people on aircraft building.  I think it’s especially useful to show people an extremely affordable path to getting into the air.  More videos will be released and the shopcam will be running after I have the funds to purchase more materials and get back to work.

 3)  I’ve made several minor modifications to the original VolksPlane design to make it a ’prettier’ airplane.  These enhancements might well lead to a newfound interest in this airplane.  Since it’s extremely affordable and relatively easy to build, this already very popular design from experimental aviation’s past might make a come back as a great alternative to many of the ‘modern’ choices.

 4) The cool paint job/vinyl graphics will be a great promotional tool for AirPigz.  I try hard to make this blog and podcast feel big and polished, but the truth is: it’s as grass-roots as you can get.  I started AirPigz shortly after my primary work as a ceramic tile installer came to an end when the store I sub-contracted thru threw me under the bus for something I didn’t do.  That happened shortly before the economy collapsed, which left me without any tile work.  I’ve been working when I can in construction, but I’m not making anywhere near what I used to.  This has caused massive financial stress in my life.  But, I’m still smiling, and I’m hangin’ in there to see if I can generate some revenue with the website.  A finished and flying Project VP with awesome promo graphics would have to help!

 So, now you’ve got some reasons to consider buying a $50 PVP t-shirt.  Given that many people in aviation have been very blessed financially, and I’m working hard to be a positive and encouraging resource for the future of aviation, I think supporting PVP is a pretty good idea : )

 Please send me an email at if you want the simple details on how to get one of these 6-color high quality t-shirts on your back!  Thank you.


 The 85" span, Project VP 'Stabilator' nearly complete and looking good : )


 1850cc VW engine that was originally configured for a Sonerai II


The two fuselage sides skinned and actually looking a bit like a fuselage!


Check out all the Project VP posts at AirPigz.


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