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Vote At For A Cool Retro UAL Livery

My fave of the 5 retro United paint schemes for the 757     (image: United Air Lines)

 Since my dad spent 35 years driving United airplanes around the sky, and because I'm a slightly opinionated sort of dude, I found the poll on retro UAL paint schemes at to be a lot of fun. Go there now and check out all 5 of the retro designs and see if one floats your boat enough to vote for it. I chose the one above which is from the era of the DC-4's thru the DC-7's. And tho our vote in that poll doesn't really count for anything, apparently there's a real poll underway that is allowing legacy UAL employees to vote for the design they'd like to see put on one of the airline's 757's to mark the upcoming 85th year for the carrier.

 I think it's great that there's at least some interest in retro paint schemes these days with the airlines... but what we really need is a retro airline experience. Can I get an Amen?


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Reader Comments (2)

* 5) Saul Bass (24%, 87 Votes)
* 3) Mainliner livery (23%, 83 Votes)
* 1) Boeing 247 livery (19%, 69 Votes)
* 2) DC-4 livery (18%, 65 Votes)
* 4) Friend Ship livery (16%, 62 Votes)

Yours is lagging behind. How anyone pick the Bass one is beyond me !

November 23, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterHank

Hank- I agree, the orange, red, and blue striped Saul Bass era not only made the airplanes look bad, but the airline slipped into the same icky condition. But for many, it's how they came to know the airline and they seem to be stuck in the memories.

November 23, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterMartt (admin)

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