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Video: High Performance Sailplane And Spectacular 'Cloud Flying'

 I was blessed to solo in a glider on my 14th birthday (way back in 1975!), and even got some high performance time in a 15 meter wing Schweizer 1-35 while still just 14. Unfortunately, as I grew older my opportunities to soar were greatly diminished. However, I know that I'm seriously gonna look into getting current in a sailplane as soon as my finances allow - maybe this next summer.

 There's just nothing like flying without an engine, it's pure beauty, grace and is off-the-scale awesome. This video gives an fabulous view of a high performance sailplane flying in Scotland. They're at a fairly high altitude and are returning to the airport after flying in the strong rising air of a mountain wave. The view from up high in the midst of the clouds is fantastic. They even fly along the edges and into the clouds at times. Normally that would require a full IFR clearance, but in the UK they have some interesting and unusual rules that apply to sailplanes and 'cloud flying'. You can learn a little more about their cloud flying regs here, but mostly I suggest you just watch the video and enjoy the ride!


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Reader Comments (2)

Good Lord I hope we get a break in the weather this week, have'nt been up in almost 2 mos. 'cause of duff weather. You are an evil man, putting something up like that during the winter, Martt.
Gonna try to make the USAFM with y'all in January.

December 29, 2010 | Unregistered Commenterseerjfly

Thanks for sharing this, Martt! Nice to see that he keeps the yaw string in the middle! Thoroughly enjoyed. Thanks for bringing this kind of aviation to us! Blessings and tailwinds always!

December 30, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterLarry Overstreet

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