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Must See ‘Gray Eagles’ Video: P-51 Passion

(kinda long at 28:46 - but worth every single second)

 There’s a ‘line’ in this life that sadly most people never cross.  It’s kinda hard to define, but it’s a line of passion - and when it’s crossed, it puts you on the side of really being ‘alive’ on this earth.  There are many things that can take you over that line, and interestingly, flying is one of the most effective.

 This video has the power to help those who never knew that line was out there to possibly see it for the first time.  It also can take those who’ve been there before to once again feel alive.  And if you’re already living everyday on the good side of that line, this film is more fuel on the fire.

 It’s world-class cinematography used to tell the story of a World War II pilot, his family, a P-51, and how they all grew much closer together.  It’s about one of the greatest airplanes ever designed and built, and the generation of pilots that used it to fight for freedom.

 Many have already seen it, but you might be like me and are just finding out about it.  A friend sent me the link about an hour ago, and I figured I’d check it out.  I could see right away that it was beautifully done, but I was just gonna watch a few minutes of it… you know, stuff to do.  I couldn’t peel myself away until all 28:46 had run its course.  Powerful, beautiful, and I’m not ashamed to say it brought tears to my eyes.

 You can learn more about the film at  You can also buy the Gray Eagles DVD thru Amazon.  For every DVD purchased, the Gray Eagles Foundation will be donating an additional DVD to an educational institution. 

 I highly recommend you put your life on hold for 30 minutes and watch this film… see if you can experience the crossing of that miraculous line where a human being goes from just living, to being 'alive’.


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Reader Comments (1)

Very touching story. Thanks Chris for the story and the restoration. And thanks, Jim Brooks for your service and the delightful story.

February 21, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterDennis Gross

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