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WACO Classic: Hand-Crafted Perfection (Check Out The Virtual 360 Cockpit!)

The YMF-5 from WACO Classic Aircraft Corporation  photo: WACO Classic

Click the pic to open up an awesome 360 virtual cockpit

(5 pix )

 Back in March of 1986 something really cool happened: the first ‘brand new’ WACO YMF Classic was completed as a fully certified aircraft under the original WACO type certificate.  Just like the one pictured above, the WACO Classics look exactly like the original YMF of the 1930’s except that they've been modernized where it makes sense and are available with fully updated instrumentation. 

 Click the panel pic above to go to an awesome 360 degree hi-res picture that puts you right in the pilot’s seat so you can check out that instrumentation. (mouse around for a full 360 view)

 You might not know that the YMF is one of the WACO designs from the golden age of aviation that has a front cockpit big enough for two.  That helps makes these biplanes a good choice for scenic ride takers.  It’s a lot more likely you’ll be profitable when you’ve got two paying passengers on board!  Plus, two seats up front makes the ride more fun for those a little unsure about riding in an open cockpit.  As for me, I don’t think it gets any better than a round engine, an open cockpit and two wings!  That’s some pure avgeek perfection : )

  These gorgeous airplanes are built by the WACO Classic Aircraft Corporation in Battle Creek, Michigan.  Company president Peter Bowers says they’ve been able to stay busy during the tough economic times, tho the backlog isn’t very deep.  The fact that they haven’t had layoffs and shutdowns actually makes them unique in the world of general aviation manufacturing these days.  And, increased demand from European customers keeps things looking promising.  Typically, they build 4 to 8 airplanes a year with the 26 employees on staff. 

 My dad took this picture of a WACO Classic in the Southwest a few years back.  He'd go for a scenic ride each year while he was staying out of the cold Midwestern winters.


 A brand new WACO Classic isn’t cheap with a base price of $395,500... with a typical airplane rolling out the door at about $430,000.  But, to put that in perspective, a new Cessna 182 starts at $390,300 (turbo $424,300) - and that 182 will never make you smile like the WACO can.  Or, you could rethink that Cirrus SR22 GTS purchase that you keep dreaming about at night - you could get the WACO instead and have enough left over to pay yourself $27,000 a year for 5 years to play with it!

 The bottom line is, if you’ve got some serious cash on hand, this is a great time to get your order in for a beautiful brand new piece of American aviation history.


The WACO Classic factory: hand-crafted airplanes   photo: WACO Classic


A lot of work goes into making a dream come true!   photo: WACO Classic

Get more info at WACO Classic Aircraft Corporation


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