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Martin Jetpack: The Ultimate Fanny Pack! - Video

 Ok, since it’s not really a jet, and instead uses two ducted fans for vertical lift, I’ve long considered the Martin Jetpack to be more of a ‘fanny’ pack… but it’s without a doubt the ultimate fanny pack : )

 I missed the demo/debut of this New Zealand designed VTOL at Oshkosh 2008, and to my knowledge it wasn't displayed at Oshkosh 2009, but I’ve kinda been watching the development process.  I’ve gone from thinking they were likely gonna slowly go the way of the buffalo with this project, like so many other unusual VTOL efforts have over the last 40 years, to thinking it looks pretty awesome.  I must say this video seems to show a very controlled and stable flying machine!  I think there just might be some serious possibilities here that will make this fanny pack jetpack feasible. 

 If you aren’t familiar with some of the details of the Jetpack, here’s a list of essential answers:

1 engine: 2.0L 200hp V-4 2-stroke (burns premium auto fuel)

Empty weight: 250 pounds

Pilot weight: over 140 pounds, under 240 pounds

Range: approx. 30 miles

Cost and availability: see official website

 And yes, it is equipped with a ballistic recovery parachute in the event of a loss of power or other catastrophic failure.  It’s also classified as an ultralight so no license is required (tho pilots will have to pass a factory training program)

 Get more info at


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Reader Comments (1)

If you are looking for a viable VTOL that provide real range, payload and is enclosed, see the Helodyne.

December 29, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterHelodyne

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