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Fascinating 1959 Farnborough Video: A Brave New World! 

 I’ve purposely posted part 2 of this video first cuz it has the most flying action, and it’s some pretty amazing flying action at that!  After a glimpse of a unique hovercraft, we see the fabulous, tailless, Avro Vulcan bomber take off.  But even more important to me is just how close some of the people are to the flying going on.  This was a fantastic era, one I wish very much that we stilled lived in today.  When that Vulcan takes off, there are about 20 people, probably associated with the event, standing in the grass along the runway… one guy about 20 feet from the edge of the runway! 

 You’ll see several other places with people close to the runways, but there’s also clear views of the jets flying right over the huge crowds.  I know some people will strongly disagree with me, but I think the risks are totally worth the vastly improved experience seeing, hearing, and feeling these airplanes so close.  We live in an era now that tries to remove all the risks from living.  But the truth is you can’t, and we never will be able to. 

 I think societies are much stronger when we acknowledge the risks, and then face them straight on, with boldness and courage.  We also have a ton more fun that way too!  Anyway, it’s remarkable to see the contrast to the way things are done today.

 Other extremely notable footage in the video are of airplanes like the Vickers Vanguard; the Argosy freighter; the ultra-cool hybrid rotorcraft Fairey Rotodyne; the first ever British VTOL jet, the experimental Shorts SC.1; and some great views of the Black Arrows aerobatic team flying 16 Hawker Hunters in close formation!  What an incredible history lesson in this 7 minute video of what appeared to be a brave new world coming over the horizon.

 Part 1 of the video below is also great to see, but doesn’t have as much overall action.  There is a lot of footage of the de Havilland Comet tho, very cool stuff to see.  It’s also interesting to see the strength of the British aerospace industry at the time.  It's a great video history lesson : )



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