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Video: How To Make Good Landings In The Convair B-58 Hustler

 'B-58 Week' ends today, but not before we check out a few more cool details of Convair's Mach 2 Hustler.  This video is one of them.  This is basically a USAF training film that doesn't even have any sound, and it isn't fast paced.  Some of you will leave it right away, and boy will you be missing some cool stuff.  

 The cool stuff is the multitude of landings seen from behind the airplanes with a camera sitting near the end of the runway.  The lesson is about how to make good landings and what can be done to avoid a pesky rocking back and forth on the main gear during the touchdown.  Being a delta wing aircraft, the approach is flown at a high angle of attack... about 12 degrees.  This, coupled with a touchdown speed near 200 mph and a pretty stiff set of main gear legs made it easy to get this beast of an airplane rocking left and right on the gear.  Some of these landings look like a pretty wild ride!

 If you're anything like me, you'll find this some pretty fascinating stuff to watch and learn from : )


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