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AirPigz CARS: Cool Aircraft Ramp Spotters - This Post Needs A Pic!

Calling all CARS (Cool Aircraft Ramp Spotters) I need your pix!

 I’m always trying to find ways to blog up aviation, and about a month ago I dreamed up another interesting idea.  It’s called ‘CARS’ and it stands for Cool Aircraft Ramp Spotters.  It’s all about YOU spotting a cool aircraft on a ramp (or in a hangar) and taking a good pic of it and sending it to me.  If I agree that it’s CARS worthy, I’ll post it for everyone to see.  It’s a way for us all to share the great and wide world of aviation with others.

There’s a good reason why there’s no pic in this post

 My local airport doesn’t have all that much cool going on... well, at least not when I happen to be there with a camera in my hands.  I didn't want to use an old pic I’d taken cuz it seems like CARS should be about fresh and now.  I did fetch up 2 different pix in the last month at KASW that I considered for the inauguration of CARS, but I decided that they weren’t quite up to the all important ‘C’ part of the acronym.  So, I’m turning to YOU to get this new, ongoing feature started!

 Please, please, please send me some COOL aircraft pix real soon for me to run thru the fine-mesh CARS filter : ) 

Here’s a basic outline for pic submission:

Fresh pix please, within the last month

Gotta be Cool!  Rare aircraft, amazing paint, unique, odd or otherwise noteworthy

Prefer jpg file, in sharp focus and at least 600 pixels wide

Looking for everyday airport pix, NOT airshow/fly-in pix

Send pix, questions or comments to


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Reader Comments (1)

All people had to do was join the site for a chance to win stuff. But that apparently wasn’t working out. It’s better to target those that want to win stuff anyways so this works.

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