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A-10 Deception Canopy Painted On The Aircraft Underside

More of 'A-10 Warthog Week'

Catch the Air Combat Command A-10 East Demo Team
at the Indy Air Show June 12th & 13th

 Here's a really simple way to confuse the enemy and potentially save your life for about a dollars worth of paint... put a false canopy on the bottom of the airplane to keep 'em guessing which side is up.  As this photo shows, it's pretty easy from certain angles to be deceived into thinking that you're looking at the top of the airplane.  

 Whether you're dealing with air to air combat or a ground based attack, any means you have to keep the enemy confused is a good idea.  You can just imagine in a tense situation with fast moving airplanes that this dandy little deception could be all the more effective.

 The shape of the A-10 seems to make this simple tactic work extremely well.  This is a pretty common sight on Warthogs these days and has been made viable by the fact that the airplanes have moved away from the early dark green camo paint schemes used back in the 80's to this light, 2-tone gray treatment.  The first Gulf War showed that the dark airplanes were a little too easy to spot against the light backgrounds.  The green camo paint was primarily designed to be effective when viewed from above over wooded areas, while the current threat is far greater from the ground.

 I think it's pretty amazing how a simple application of just a little bit of paint can make such a big impact.  

 Lots more A-10 uniqueness details coming soon.



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Reader Comments (1)

this was first done by the Canadian air force on there F 18 hornets and yes there is stories that does work well in air to air combat

May 27, 2010 | Unregistered Commenterglen towler

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