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2010 Indy Air Show Pic Stream #1 - Coming Together

 I've been blessed with a great opportunity to cover the Indy Air Show from the inside, and I can already tell it's gonna be a great time.  Friday is the media and practice day, and it's open to the public for a very small price.  Saturday and Sunday are the big days for the event and there's gonna be a lot happening.

 I made the 3 hour trip south on Thursday to the Mt. Comfort Airport and got out on the ramp to get a few pix of airplanes in the evening.  The P-51's above are from the Horsemen Aerobatic Team, and boy do they ever look nice!  I've never seen them perform before so I'm really looking forward to hearing three Merlin's making music in tight formation!


 A pair of F-18's were on the ramp still unloading some of their goodies from the trip to Indiana.  These guys will be very effectively turning kerosene into noise... lots of noise!  Should be very satisfying : )


 The recent 'A-10 Warthog Week' I put together has me primed to really soak up the show coming up by the Air Combat Command East Demo Team.  I was happy to see their two A-10's already on the ramp bearing their teeth!


 Friday morning arrived after just 4 hours of sleep!  I was actually back at the airport at about 5:30am and was able to watch the sun come up.  The skies were somewhat overcast, so it wasn't as dramatic as it could have been, but it was still wonderful.  These three Jet Rangers made a nice sight as the day was coming to life.


  Another pic of the Horsemen P-51's, this time in the hangar where they spent the night.  Never get tired of seeing really big props!


 As the morning progressed, more showplanes where being pulled out and prepped for a day of media rides and practice performances.  This is Billy Werth's Pitts ( with one of the Red Eagles in the background.  I likes me some hot biplanes!

 I'm scheduled to get a ride on a B-17 this evening over downtown Indianapolis, so you can imagine I'm pretty excited about that!  I'm planning to get some pix and maybe some video of that experience and hopefully I'll have something to post from it by tomorrow morning.  If things go well, I'll have another overall post up later today.  

 Check out the full list of Indy Air Show performers so you can either know who you're missing or who you'll see if you get here!


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