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Jul172010 - Fantastic Oshkosh 'Events' Planning App

Fast planning app for 'events' at Oshkosh 2010:

 If you’re gonna be at Oshkosh 2010 for more than a day or two, you should definitely look into using the just-launched free application called OSHplanner. It’s an essential compliment to, the official EAA site designed to help you schedule the forums, speakers and other events you’ll want to be sure to get in on at OSH10. What makes OSHplanner so much more useful is its ability to point out all the conflicting events you’ve selected and help you resolve those conflicts. More important, it specifically takes into account the fact that some events are offered at different times on different days… and OSHplanner does the thinking to make sure you have the greatest chance of seeing all you want. 

 To quickly put it all in perspective: last year it took me several hours to generate a schedule of events that I wanted to be sure to catch at OSH09 using the EAA site. I was able to accomplish the same thing AND resolve conflicts in less than 30 minutes with OSHplanner.


 Here’s all you need to do to use

 Log-in using a twitter or Facebook account, or other OpenID option

 Click ’Programs’ to see the list of hundreds of ’events’

 Click ’add it’ if you’re potentially interested in an ’event’

 When you want to see your selections, click ‘MY SCHEDULE’

 All ’conflicts’ will be displayed at the bottom of the page

 View ’conflicts’ and decide to ‘remove’ one of them, or leave it and decide on the day


 You can also use the ’search’ feature to look for a specific presenter, topic, or anything that seems like it would lead you to an event that you’re interested in. There are also categories down the left side of the page that break the big list down into specific topics. It’s all extremely organized, powerful and useful.

 OSHplanner also has the ability to mesh with several mobile apps to give you notifications and greater flexibility than simply printing out the schedule on paper, which of course you can do if that works best for you. It’s actually a good idea as a backup anyway.

 All this is very useful as the number of forums, speakers, and the wide range of associated events has grown exponentially since the good old days when you might only have a desire to catch one or two events during the day. OSHplanner does the work that significantly reduces the stress of trying to cram a lot into the day, which in turn makes a multiple day stay at the world’s greatest aviation event both more effective and more enjoyable.


 OSHplanner is the work of Adam Fast (twitter: @adamcanfly), a great friend to me and my work at AirPigz. He’s taken his almost sick love of data, code, and Django and mixed it with his perfectly normal love for aviation and Oshkosh. OSHplanner is the beautiful result : )

 The system is very new and pretty grass roots: your feedback to Adam is welcomed. And you are certainly encouraged to spread the word as quickly as possible if you give it a try and like what it does. Oshkosh will be here soon!


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