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CoolPix - Airshow: Thunderbirds F-16 And A Big Blue Sky!

(click pic for hi-res)

 Wow! A Thunderbirds F-16 up-close against a big and beautiful blue sky - what an awesome sight. Especially when you click this CoolPix to make it really big. This Air Force photo was taken as the airplanes were arriving at Hickam AFB in Hawaii for the 'Wings Over the Pacific' show in September 2009.

 I can still remember following along back in the early 70's when General Dynamics was developing the F-16. My dad subscribed to Aviation Week and Space Technology back in those days, so while a lot of other 11 year olds were playing tag in the neighborhood, I was learning about new airliners and military aircraft, in great detail, in the pages of that awesome weekly magazine.

 I also remember how the F-16 changed the game for me by not only having amazing performance, but by having a look that was pure sex appeal. I hadn't seen anything this beautiful in a jet military fighter in... well, ever! And here we are, 40 years since this shape was drawn on paper, and it's still one sexy looking airplane!

 The Thunderbirds put on a great show with their F-16's, but I noticed something interesting when I saw them at Sun-n-Fun this past April. It was a fuzzy, hazy, white-sky-overcast kind of day when I saw them, and it was interesting how little the airplanes stood out against that sky. It was an excellent show to watch and hear, but I was thinking if they had been that other team that flies those blue F-18's, they would have been easier to see. So, I had an idea. Maybe the Thunderbirds need a new paint scheme. That's when I decided to put my overactive thinker to work and design an all new, kick butt paint scheme for our beloved Thunderbirds. All the basic work is done, and I must say it looks pretty stinkin' hot to me. Unfortunately, it's not ready for you to see just yet. Hopefully I'll have it done here before long, but I want to be sure it looks really good in the rendering so the Air Force will be so impressed that they'll want to get to booking some time in the paint shop asap : )


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