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MythBusters Video Digest Of The Duct Tape Plane (4 Videos)

MythBusters even did an all-duct-tape version of the Belite! (aftershow video screenshot)

 So, did you catch the MythBusters episode last Wednesday (or the re-runs since) that showed their Alaskan duct tape airplane re-creation? If you didn't, I've got good news. Here's 4 short videos (<13 min total) that give you most of the meat from the episode... plus the aftershow (last video) that covers several things not shown in the broadcast.

 They did a pretty good job overall with this aviation myth, tho as usual, they were a little whacked on some things. Mostly I'm just glad it all worked out ok. I didn't doubt the airworthiness of the Super Cub in Alaska, or that the test aircraft would fly, but I was a little concerned about the MB crew doing the assembly on the cute little Belite (provided and flown in the first test by Belite owner James Wiebe), but they must have done ok.

 It was especially cool that they then went all the way with the duct tape idea by replacing ALL of the dacron with duct tape in phase 2 of the show. It added some weight, but it worked just fine! You can see some of that part of the show by watching the aftershow - the last video below.

The myth? Confirmed!





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Reader Comments (2)

Duct tape is reliable when it comes to durability. It is sticky which can be use in a project like this.

November 12, 2011 | Unregistered Commenterplumbing

I love watching this show) MythBusters are really cool guys! I actually even used one the ideas that was displayed in the episode in my essay writing and got an A!) I was very happy about that) So now I watch it every time to gain knowledge!

December 22, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterCraig Parker

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