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Delta Air Lines Convair SST - Fantasy Art, Chicken Works Style

Stunning Chicken Works artwork of the fantasy Convair SST in old school Delta paint

 A little over a year ago I did a special week of posts dedicated to the more-than-awesome Convair B-58 Hustler... check out my B-58 category to experience some of that historical goodness. One of those posts from that week is titled Swanky Convair B-58 Derivative SST - Circa 1960, an extremely intiguing concept for a stretched B-58 that was dreamed up as a small SST. If you're anything like me, the thought of a Hustler turned into an SST is cooler than anything ever seen on Star Trek, so I was pretty fascinated to learn about this highly impractical idea. 52 seats in a 1+1 configuration seems both unprofitable and uncomfortable.

 Regardless, the concept is still a beautiful idea. It's even more beautiful when seen thru the artwork of J.P. Santiago - aka Chicken Works. This guy has some of the hottest aviation art you're gonna find, and his renderings of the Convair 58-9 SST in old school Delta colors is fantastic! You can get the full info on the artwork and even order a print by going directly to his Delta Air Lines Convair 58-9 SST (What-If? Delivery Colors) post. The quality of his work is matched by his creative thinking and genuine love for aviation.


Various Air Force concepts for the Convair 58-9 from J.P. - aka Chicken Works

 You can also find some other Convair 58-9 drawings in dreamy Air Force colors at this link: The Convair SST Family (Aerospace Projects Review- eAPR). Seeing those freaky cool wingtip/nacelle strakes with some orange paint of them is just about as cool as anything gets in my book.

 Take a few minutes and go check out J.P.'s work at - if you don't love his work, there's something wrong with you : )


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