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Spotted For Sale: 1941 Culver Cadet - 120 MPH - 5 GPH - Super Cutie!

Designed by Al Mooney - a 1941 Culver Cadet!  $21,000 at

 You might have noticed my drooling on twitter (@AirPigz) a while back after I found a different Culver Cadet for sale for just $17,000... and now here's another amazingly great looking airplane for just $21,000. If I had some cash (or a credit rating that wasn't face-down-in-the-mud) I'd be all over these little cuties. In fact, I'd probably have more than one!

 Where else can you buy a true antique aircraft that has retractable landing gear and can scoot around the sky at 120 mph on just 5 gph... AND can be bought for about the price of a new nicely equipped Toyota Corolla? I don't know of any other production aircraft that can match the uniqueness, affordability and retro cool factor of the little Culver Cadet - even if the useful load is only a little over 400 pounds.

 Wanna know more about the quirky little Cadet? Read this great Vintage Airplane magazine article from 2007 - but watch out, you just might find yourself in the buying mood : )


 1941 Culver Cadet: Cheap thrills on a budget, and an elliptical wing!

Taildragger with a stick, an 85 hp Continental, and room for two = FUN!

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Reader Comments (4)

Nice, a baby Spitfire. I wonder if any women flew them, you should've included that, Martt. :oD

September 30, 2011 | Unregistered Commenterseerjfly

And if you are in the market for a new one, you can build it yourself. If you made it fixed gear, it would seem to fall under the light sport criteria.

October 1, 2011 | Unregistered Commenterairpigz lurker

Its light sport just as much as all the amphibians that suck their gear out of the slipstream. Sauce for the goose etc.

January 21, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterJohn McClain

SORRY ! *NOT* Light Sport Even with the gear hanging down ! My NC41730 quits flying, AND has a REAL ATTENTION GRABBING (As In You're LOOKING AT THE GROUND DUDE), Stall at 60 MPH IAS. But They ARE FUN !

October 31, 2015 | Unregistered CommenterCulver Hiflyer

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