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Lots Of Cub Yellow At Hartford Wisconsin For 'Cubs 2 OSH'

The classic lines of the 'perfect Piper Cub' at Hartford, WI for the Cubs 2 OSH gathering

(7 pix)

 I finally got all of the jagged little pieces of my life to fit together and left northern Indiana for Oshkosh 2012 this morning. But the plan this year was to stop off in Hartford Wisconsin on the way and take in some of the Cubs 2 OSH gathering. Piper Cubs from all across the country are coming together to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the airplane that's all about low and slow flying with the door open. And then Sunday, 75 of them will join together for a mass arrival at Oshkosh.

 So here's a nice little collection of pictures showing some Cubs doing what they do best on a perfectly beautiful day in southern Wisconsin. Hopefully the great weather continues and we'll see the 45 to 50 Cubs already on-site swell significantly on Saturday.

 Lastly, I wanna say that the Hartford Wisconsin airport is awesome! It's humble, has both a hard surface and grass runways, and is full of people who love to fly... you know, the way airports used to be.

Beautiful taildraggin' Cubs line up on the dry grass that's pretty much Cub Yellow too!

From back in the day when airplanes sat on their tail and were painted with COLOR!

A Cub on takeoff with a passenger in the back enjoying the ride... Cub = smiles


The versatility of the Cub style door is just hard to beat for fun flying perfection


Not all Cubs are yellow! This beautiful Clipped Wing Cub has 90hp and a pressure cowl


Another Cub arriving... this was later in the evening on a truly perfect weather day

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Reader Comments (2)

Great shots!

July 21, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterTim


July 22, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterRikardo Matos

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