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Stellar Achievement! Avspecs de Havilland Mosquito Makes First Flight!

Avspecs (New Zealand) Mosquito restoration first flight 9.27.12 at Ardmore Airfield

(7 pix and 3 videos - all photos from the facebook page of Ned Dawson)

 The massive restoration project of a de Havilland Mosquito by Avspecs Limited in Auckland New Zealand for Jerry Yagen and the Military Aviation Museum in Virginia Beach Virginia has reached the ultimate goal... the Mosquito is back in the air! The first flight took place before noon Auckland time (Wednesday evening 9.26.12 in the US) and it appears to have been a great success. The airplane departed Ardmore Airfield and then landed at the Auckland International Airport. They did have some sort of pitot static issue that was resolved while on the ground and then the aircraft returned to Ardmore.

 The following photos give you a first look into the departure from Ardmore and the return back there. I've also included three videos that are very much worth your time. The first of the videos, the only one showing the Mosquito in the air, includes the takeoff at Auckland International on the way back over to Ardmore. Wow! The Mosquito is truly one of the greatest airplanes ever built. Much more info will follow in the coming days as this amazing effort is being and cheered by people all over the world!

Crew photo op after the first flight success of the only flying Mosquito in the world

Engines starting at Ardmore Airfield in preparation for the first flight since restoration

Just off the ground on the very first flight of this amazing de Havilland Mosquito

Gear up on the first flight departure... definitely looks an airplane on a mission

Landing back at Ardmore after having made the first landing at Auckland International

The incredible reality of this amazing de Havilland Mosquito back in airworthy condition!

Video of the second takeoff from Auckland Int'l Airport to head back to Ardmore

Excellent New Zealand news story on the Mosquito restoration - no first-flight footage

Engine run video from inside the cockpit a few days ago - no first-flight footage

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