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OSH13: Tuesday Airshow Action - CoolPix Triple Play!

(click pic for hi-res)  Fascinating contrast of the Sea Harrier and Lockheed Electra

 You'll notice that my OSH13 coverage this year is scaled back from previous years... 18 hour days for a week straight just doesn't fit my life at the moment. So I'm sharing thinner slices of the activities taking place at the world's greatest aviation event, but hopefully they are still quite compelling. Today I've got three hi-res CoolPix images that come from the airshow on Tuesday.

 The contrast of the Sea Harrier in hover with the classic lines of the Lockheed Electra creates an amazing look at the diversity of aviation over the ages. Then I've got Sean Tucker making a ribbon cut pass as well as Skip Stewart doing knife-edge on takeoff. Biplanes are awesome and these two examples are two of the most incredible double wingers ever built! Be sure to click the px to see them fill your screen, and enjoy : )


(click pic for hi-res) Sean Tucker on a triple ribbon cut (I wanna be that guy on the right!)

(click pic for hi-res) Skip Stewart looking down the runway on his knife edge takeoff!

more pix coming soon!

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are these your pictures?

July 31, 2013 | Unregistered Commenterzbyhu

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