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OSH14 Will Be The Best Oshkosh Ever! 

Owner/pilot John Magoffin opens the hatch on the only flying Lockheed Vega

(click any pic to enlarge)

 It's time once again to make the simple but bold statement that OSH14 will be the best of Oshkosh ever... because the best Oshkosh is the one you are at RIGHT NOW! And with the annual fly-in and convention ready to start tomorrow morning, thousands of people just like me are here and ready to make it all happen. This is something like my 36th Oshkosh, and while I have a huge amount of awesome memories from over all those years, being at OSH in the here and now is always the best ever. I love this place : )

 I arrived Saturday afternoon, shortly after I had the huge pleasure of stopping by Hartford Wisconsin to finally get a BFR and become a 'current' pilot after an 18 year dry spell! I had a perfect time with Steve Krog (Cub Air Flight) and an 85hp Piper Cub (N70186) and it honestly felt like I picked up exactly where I left off. Back in the day I got a lot of hours in a clipped wing Cub, but yesterday's time was my first ever flying a full span Cub. It was a piece of cake and a pure joy... sure feels good to finally be back!

 Anyway, OSH14 is about to begin, so I made a quick run out thru the display area early today and found two wonderful airplanes to bring to your attention. The first is the recently completed Lockheed Vega owned and flown by John Magoffin. The Vega is parked out front of the Vintage Hangar and it's sure to attract a lot of attention this week. It looked wonderful in the sunshine getting a little tlc to make it look spotless for tomorrow's start. This Vega is the only one currently airworthy, and it's also notable for being the last one built, and one of only nine that were built with an aluminum fuselage, rather than the wood fuselage that the first 123 of them had. I hope to have a lot more info on this fabulous airplane to share before long.

The speedy and very red Nexus Alar, designed and built by Richard Eaves from Canada

 The other fascinating airplane I ran across in my quick trip thru the display area is the one-of-a-kind 'Nexus Alar' designed and built by Richard Eaves from London Ontario Canada. Wow, what a pretty and sleek airplane! Fast too... 200 mph on 180 hp. Richard named the airplane as he did because Nexus means 'a connected group or series' and Alar means 'to have wings'.

The gorgeous Nexus Alar, with Richard Eaves in the large hat answering questions

 Richard built 14 airplanes before the Nexus Alar, his first was a Baby Ace in 1960, and believe it or not, he started this airplane when he was 80 years old! He built it in just three years with the first flight in 2013. Richard is 84 now and a true delight to visit with... and his workmanship is excellent. This man is such an example of what the Spirit of Aviation is all about.

Nexus: a connected group or series... Alar: to have wings

 So I hope you're here or plan to be here for some of OSH14. If you aren't, then I highly recommend you start right now making plans to include Oshkosh next year in your summer plans. For one week out of the year, this is the absolute best place on Earth!

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Reader Comments (2)

I thought Hartford, WI rang a bell. My dad and I would sometimes stop there for fuel on the way up to or home from OSH back in the day. VERY cool that they rent Cubs there.

My old '40 Cub's tail # is NC26846. It's now based in Ladysmith WI. Who knows, you might see her on the flight line this week. If you do, give her prop a pat for me!

July 28, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterMichael Boze

Sweet to hear you are current again!

August 2, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterSam

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