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Video: Better Aircraft Rental - The 'OpenAirplane' UPC (Universal Pilot Checkout)

 OpenAirplane is all about making aircraft rental easier and more affordable for pilots, while also bringing more pilots to FBO's that rent. The primary building block for making OpenAirplane work is the Universal Pilot Checkout... a low stress but intensive checkout that makes it clear you know what you're doing in a specific type of aircraft.

Jason Miller conducting an OpenAirplane 'Universal Pilot Checkpout' (UPC)

 Jason Miller from The Finer Points of Flying ( is your host in this 4 minute video. He gives great insight into what the UPC is and how to be prepared to pass it so you can get on with having access to the 67 FBO's around the country currently in the OpenAirplane network. That's 246 aircraft in 34 states available to be rented without a local checkout if you have a current OpenAirplane UPC in the specific type aircraft you're looking to rent.

A variety of rental aircraft are in the OpenAirplane network all across the country

 The OpenAirplane UPC also functions as an FAA flight review, plus it counts as recurrent training which can earn you a 10% discount on your renters insurance policy. The UPC opens the door to a vastly improved aircraft rental experience thru OpenAirplane's revolutionary standardization of the aircraft rental process.

 Everything in the OpenAirplane experience is designed to make it significantly easier for you. From finding aircraft to booking the rental, OpenAirplane is a single point of access that streamlines everything about renting. They even handle your aircraft rental billing... you just drop off the keys and the clipboard and keep your day moving forward. This is good stuff!

 Check out for more info and to get signed up for easier aircraft renting.

OpenAirplane: Renting Airplanes Just Got Better

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Reader Comments (1)

This is a really great idea! Now if we could get a fleet of J-3s scattered across this fair land, we'd be all set!

August 30, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterMichael Boze

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