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OSH15 Dawn Patrol CoolPix... Corsair And Mosquito (11Pix)

(click pic for hi-res)  A great Dawn Patrol sunrise at OSH15 on Thursday July 23

 This summer has been a real blur for me as I've been working to build a new online business... today I launched, high-resolution flower images printed exclusively on vibrant aluminum sheet. The ads I placed here today are designed to drive a little traffic that direction as I start off from ground zero. If you like my work there, I encourage you to spread the word, and I hope you stay tuned because I have an aviation derivative of Loud Flowers in the works. In early 2016 I plan to launch with an upscale collection of aerospace images that should be pretty cool : )

 But this post is to share 11 pix I captured on Thursday July 23rd at OSH15 (the best OSH ever!) of a Corsair and the Mosquito while on a Dawn Patrol photo mission in the warbirds area. And all of these images open up to the big CoolPix size, so I think you'll enjoy the journey!

(click for hi-res)  Man and machine prepare for an early morning mission

(click pic for hi-res)  Sun, smoke, and fire... the Corsair comes to life!


(click pic for hi-res)  Two of the four Corsairs heading out for this morning mission


(click pic for hi-res)  The Mosquito with its nose pointed into the western sky


(click pic for hi-res)  One of the Mosquito's Merlins, and a nice big prop


(click pic for hi-res)  Mosquito exhaust... my favorite pic of the day


(click pic for hi-res)  A C-47 climbs out as the sun rises over the Mosquito


(click pic for hi-res)  Some dramatic lens flare looking at the Mosquito nose in the sun


(click pic for hi-res)  The Avspecs Ltd workmanship on the Mosquito is truly fantastic


(click pic for hi-res)  Tighter view shows details of the workmanship quality

 I'll add that this last pic also shows the amazing resolution that my new Sony a7R camera has. That pic is cropped down from the one above it! The full frame sensor and 36.4 megapixels sure change the game... and I found it to work extremely well with capturing the flower images for

 I'll have some more OSH15 to share before long : )


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Reader Comments (3)

You're a true entrepreneur, Martt. Best wishes with the new endeavor!

Love the prop shot above your favorite pic.

September 9, 2015 | Unregistered CommenterAaron

Thank you Martt; always had a thing for the Mosquito!

January 23, 2016 | Unregistered CommenterChristian Bryan

i like this post, we visit again for more updates , thanks for sharing this article.

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