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Advanced Aerodynamic Duct-Tapelogy... Alaska Style

(4 pix) 

 The origins of this story are a tad cloudy, but it appears that up in Alaska in the fall of 2009, a bear happened to find this unattended Super Cub (used for remote fishing excursions) with the oh-so-sweet aroma of fish emanating from the fuselage.  Not understanding the irony of a ‘bear’ tearing into a ‘Cub’, the wild beast ripped the defenseless airplane open looking for some easy eats. 

 I don’t even think the bear found anything for its efforts, maybe that’s why it slashed the tires too!  But it sure left a surprise for the pilot who radioed a request for 2 tires, some plastic sheet, and 3 cases of duct tape.

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