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AirPigz Podcast #6: Interview With 'First Flights' Author Jill Rutan Hoffman

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 Jill Rutan Hoffman's dad is test pilot Dick Rutan, her uncle is aircraft designer Burt Rutan, and her husband Lars Hoffman is an Air Force Colonel with lots of experience in the U-2 spy plane... Jill is very well connected to the world of aviation!  In this interview, we talk a lot about her recent book, 'First Flights' - available at Amazon, and how all of the proceeds from it go to scholarships to send young people to aviation or space camps.  We also talk briefly about her first book ‘Oshkosh Memories’ - also available at Amazon

 It’s a fun interview that also looks at what it was like for Jill ‘growing up Rutan’.  We talk some about the early days of the Rutan brothers work with experimental aircraft, including the world record setting Voyager from the 80’s, which began like many other great projects… as a napkin drawing at a small restaurant!  There’s also a little talk about the current space project that Burt has been working on, including an interesting behind-the-scenes detail about the beginning of it all.

 In the intro before the interview, I explain a little about why AirPigz was on hold thru the fall, and how things are going now that the site has been rebuilt and re-launched on the platform. 

 I also give a quick update on the building of my updated Volksplane experimental airplane that I call Project VP.  If you’re interested in supporting the project by buying a special PVP t-shirt, check out the recent post ’Project VP Hibernation To End Soon’.

 And, I should have another podcast out real soon : )

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November 2, 2011 | Unregistered Commentergeo

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