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Friday Night Airshow At Sun n' Fun 2010

 Matt Younkin's Twin Beech in the evening waiting for darkness to come for him to put on his night airshow.  Several performers flew Friday night from twilight thru until pretty much completely dark.


 One of the four T-6's from the AeroShell Aerobatic Team firing up.  By the time they flew it was getting pretty dark in the east and some gentle light still off to the west.  The airplanes are well lit up and make a lot of smoke.  It's pretty cool seeing and hearing formation flying in such low light!


 The Aerostars team in their Yak 50 aircraft flying in the twilight and looking great.  The Aeroshell team flew in a darker sky and Matt Younkin's sky was basically black.  The sight and sound of the Twin Beech covered in lights and pouring out huge smoke was certainly spectacular.

 There were several other aircraft that flew in the night airshow including a sailplane and a helicopter.  I'm pretty sure this is the biggest effort by SNF to do a night airshow and it seemed to be very well attended.  I think the crowd enjoyed the wide variety of aircraft and the relaxed nature of the presentation.  The cool night air felt great, and the sliver of the Moon in the western sky was a beautiful sight.

 After a driving trip that took me exactly 24 hours elapsed time, the SNF Friday night airshow was a great way to get my first experiences of Sun n' Fun 2010.  Watch for more updates tomorrow.


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Reader Comments (1)

VERY COOL, Martt! Keep the updates coming for those of us who are not lucky enough to be there. (you lucky oinker, you!)

April 17, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterCarolyn Willis

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