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35 Pix From Early Saturday At Sun n' Fun 2010

Hot air balloons got the day underway Saturday at Sun n' Fun.  Balloons are such a great morning sight, especially when they drift right over the aircraft display area!  The winds were fine, but the balloons were definitely covering some ground.


Looking to the east as they make their way down range.  Citabrias and Decathlons from the American Champion Aircraft display area.


A couple of great views of a single seat balloon that was part of the morning launch.  The colors sure look great in the morning sun, and I think he was having some serious fun!


A 350hp, 4-blade prop Skybolt in the morning sun.


The true Ultra Lights were up early... and it was fantastic to see John Moody flying this Easy Riser!  I don't remember the year, but I do remember being part of a small crowd many years ago watching him up at Oshkosh in a field away from the main activities when he made the first powered flights.  The Ultra Light movement began that evening.


I'm not up on my specifics when it comes to powered parachutes, but this was a very colorful one enjoying the morning flying.


A weight shift Ultra Light trike looking good in the sunshine, and at touch down.


A Kolb aircraft powered by a Volkswagen engine with a speed reduction unit.  It sounded great and seemed to climb really well.


This Fleet biplane with a military paint scheme looked so classic in the morning sun.


I had a nice time talking to the owner of this rare Call-Air airplane.  The 125hp, low wing and strut-braced taildragger definitely has a unique look.


He specifically pointed out the prop to me... it looks like wood, but it's really a metal prop PAINTED to look like wood!  Seriously, you could not tell it wasn't a wood prop - amazing paint job.  The 'metal' leading edge is all paint too.  A very cool little detail to this unusual aircraft.


 Cessna 195's and an Airmaster nestled together and looking really sharp.


Shortly after, the Airmaster taxied out.


Also had a great conversation with the owner of this beautiful Farchild 24 (he's on the right).  It's such an awesome classic design.


This big old Stinson Detroiter was great to see.  I never get tired of seeing the design and engineering of aircraft from the early age of aviation. 


The Pitcairn Autogiro is pretty much beyond words.  What a beautiful and amazing flying machine!  It flew early in the morning and then they were doing a little work on it here afterward.


Another rare and unusual aircraft - the Anderson Greenwood AG-14.


A Vans RV-12 LSA.


Little Toot homebuilt... I'm not certain, but I think this one was originally built in the early 70's.


The PiperSport LSA.


A mean screamin' machine!  Pitts Model 12.


I'm pretty sure this Commemorative Air Force Curtiss SB2C is the only one still flying.  It's fantastic to see that it's still looking great and flying regularly.


Here it is with the wings folded up.  That's a lot of airplane!


Great view of the rear seat / gunner position with all the windows opened up.


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Reader Comments (2)

EXCELLENT photos, Martt. I LOVE the shot up into the hot air balloon...really good colors and perfect positioning for that shot!

April 17, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterCarolyn Willis

Carolyn- Thanx! Yeah that balloon made me really happy... I ran a little to get right under him and it looked fantastic. And then the sun made the colors really come alive : )

April 17, 2010 | Registered CommenterMartt

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