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Raise Your Hand If You Like This 1974 BD-5 Promo Pic

(click pic to enlarge)

 I found this BD-5 promo pic in the Vol. 1 No. 3 edition of the 'BD News' publication put out in 1974. I've got a small stack of amazing Bede promo materials left over from the early 70's when my dad had purchased a BD-5 kit. He sold the kit before it was really even started and put a deposit down on two of the 'D' model airplanes, the ones that were supposed to be a factory built and ready-to-fly. Then shortly after, he traded one of the 'D' slots for an order on a BD-5 Jet. As it would turn out, none of these airplanes would ever be delivered... but at least I've got a stack of cool promo materials to show for all the excitement : )

 I thought this pic was particularly interesting. It shows Bede test pilot Les Berven cruising along at 90 mph with the canopy in the open position. It was actually the third in a series of pictures showing how easily the canopy could be opened in flight and how well the airplane flew with it there. The caption with this pic even mentioned; "At 90 mph the BD-5 feels only a slight draft from behind and even his baseball cap stays in place". It was a typical Bede promo that worked pretty well in stirring up more interest in the great looking machine.

 The BD-5 will always be a fascinating piece of aviation history. You can expect to see a lot more interesting pix and info that I pull out of those old promo materials in the next few months. And just to make it all feel kind of official, I'm adding a 'tag' for the BD-5 now as well. Maybe it will help inspire someone to truly make an 'electric' airplane like the BD-5 Micro was in 1971.


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Reader Comments (1)

Your post reminded me that I daydreamed about building a -5 and got so far as mailing in a coupon out of FLYING magazine for a promotional packet on the fabulous tiny bird. Seems like the packet cost ten or maybe twenty dollars. Thanks for the pleasant memory!

June 28, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterFrank E. Merrill

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