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B-29 Caricature Drawing From Back In The Day: Watcha Think?

 The post from a few days ago about the B-29 FIFI's first flight in 4 years, which is scheduled for tomorrow, got me remembering this drawing that I did back in 1988. Back about that time, I started a little t-shirt company making caricatures of iconic aircraft like the Piper Cub, the DC-3, and the P-51. I didn't have hardly any money at the time (Ha! Very little seems to change in my life!) so I only ran ads in Trade-A-Plane for the shirts since it was a cheap place to get some good exposure. Well, I had some success, but nothing like I had hoped for. But I did have a guy request that I do a B-29.

 Now back in those days, we actually took a pencil and drug it across a piece of paper to generate a graphic. It was a bit of a bizarre concept, but if you stuck with it long enuf, you'd actually emerge with something to look at... never mind the sore hand and tired eyes. For whatever reason, this B-29 never made it onto a shirt. I don't think it was exactly what the guy was looking for, and I'll admit that while it's technically pretty accurate, it lacks that special little magic that my other caricatures seemed to possess. It is however a pretty cool treat for me to see it again after all these years.

 I'm kinda wondering if you people out there on the other end of the internet like it. If I get some fashion of positive response, I might see if I can figure out a way to show you the other, better airplanes that I drew. I can't seem to find the original drawings at the moment, but if I dig deep enough in the dungeon I bet I can. So, watcha think?


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Reader Comments (2)

...i like it. but for one reason or other you didn't capture the "essential albatross" of the long, lean B29. did you see the Nova show on the unsuccessful attempt to resurrect one in Greenland? watching the whole plane flex as the pilot attempted to taxi on the glacier...

June 28, 2010 | Unregistered Commentercharles

I like it just as it is! Sure the 29 is long but, making it stubby makes it humorous. I'd print it and... wear it!

Great artist interpretation, Martt! :)

June 28, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterWindtee

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