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Oshkosh 2010 Pic Stream #2 - Sunshine & Avgeek Happiness! (19 pix)

AirPigz 'Bacon Party' Tonight!  5pm-7pm in Camp Scholler
( Lindbergh Ave at 43rd Street - click for map )

 The campground is definitely drying out, but the big Class A motorhomes still aren't being let in as of late Monday evening. Hopefully tomorrow the ground will have firmed up enough for them. My campsite isn't really all put together yet... I've been too busy with airplanes and stuff.


 My early morning trip into the show grounds went right by the fabulous Kirby Chambliss Red Bull airplane that was sitting right outside the Cirrus booth. The second Red Bull airplane on a stick was pretty cool to see in the morning air as well.


  Just to the south of Kirby's airplane was one of the 16 Cirrus SR20's recently purchased by Purdue University for their flight school.


 The Kodiak sitting on amphibious floats was looking pretty sharp in the early sunshine. I've got the camera on the monopod up in the air as I often do, which can make the airplane look smaller than it is... note that the wing is essentially at the height of the building roof. This is a big and tall package of an airplane!


 You know Oshkosh is under way when you hear the Ford Tri-Motor cranked up and people going for a ride. When I was a teen back in the 70's, I got to help the operation that used to sell rides in N414H, the Ford that later went to Scenic Airlines. Having a Tri-Motor making beautiful noise in the Oshkosh air is an essential component for me to experience complete Oshkosh avgeek happiness : )


 Some gorgeous P-51's sitting on the new concrete pad in the Warbird area. This new display spot is part of the 'Scotts Warbird Alley' (Scotts Miracle-Gro) that was dedicated today. Warbird Alley puts an important, increased focus on the veterans that have served America over the years.


 The P-38 everyone loves, 'Glacier Girl' along with an excellent B-25 and several other aircraft in Warbird Alley.


 In addition to the 25 or more DC-3's that arrived today, the even earlier DC-2 arrived. Here it is shortly after taxiing up and shutting down. It hadn't been moved into AeroShell Square yet, but that would come soon.


 Once the DC-2 was moved into AeroShell Square and chocked, people flocked to it for a closer look. It's in fantastic condition and is always an interesting airplane be in the presence of.


 Here's Oshkosh... finally looking like Oshkosh.


 Here's a look from behind of the only privately owned Sea Harrier in the world. It was attracting a lot of attention... as was the Buffalo Airways (Ice Pilots) DC-3 in the background.


  This Dyke Delta never fails to capture my attention - it's a real beauty. This view really shows how unusual this design is. Pretty amazing that it came out of the 1960's. Seems like it's time for someone to update the design to make it lighter and an even better performer... now that the rest of the world has caught up with the amazing vision of John Dyke almost 50years ago.


 Kirby Chambliss tearing up the sky in the Red Bull airplane.


 Check out that aileron deflection : )


 Rob Holland in the Window World MX2.


 The sky and the weather were just about perfect for the airshow today.


 I didn't know anything about this Pitts derivative called Viper and sponsored by Oakley, but it was obvious it was one hot looking airplane.


  Then it flew in the airshow. Wow, what an airplane! Just as impressive was Jason Newburg flying what I believe was his first Oshkosh performance. This looks like a fantastic airplane/pilot combo.


  Here Jason is in the process of working the airplane into a vertical position that ended with essentially no forward airspeed. It was some very serious hangin' on the prop! It was also great to see a another biplane show the monoplanes that the world of extreme akro is not their domain exclusively : )

 More updates tomorrow night from Oshkosh 2010!


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Reader Comments (3)

Great photos! I'm looking forward to making the drive and being there for the last couple of days. I'll hopefully be at the bacon party on Sat.

July 27, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterMatt Everett

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August 3, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterAir Jordan shoes

Nice Pics !!!

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