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Video: GE Aviation And The Fascinating World Of Building Jet Engines


 I saw the short version of this video as a TV commercial yesterday and I really liked it. Even tho I have big issues with the mega corporate side of GE, GE Aviation seems to have its head screwed on pretty straight. The video also reminded me of an article from several years back that I had read that told of the unique manufacturing environment for jet engine building at GE... a quick search found the article: Engines of Democracy from Fast Company Magazine. If you've got an interest in how things get done, and especially in a very non-traditional kind of way, I highly recommend you read that article. It's from way back in 1999, not too long after the huge GE90 that powers the Boeing 777 was introduced, so the details of manufacturing may have changed, but it's a fascinating (and kinda long) read.

 The world of incredibly close tolerances, and essentially no-room-for-error is probably pretty different from what most of us live on a daily basis, but I must admit that I find it extremely alluring. It's the kind of environment and people that made America great 70 to 80 years ago... and I think we need a lot more of it. ASAP.


Video screenshot showing a GE jet engine coming together

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Reader Comments (2)

Whoa! GE Aviation! They really work perfectly. Anyway, there are no room for errors just like what you said. Just watching the video makes me want to get on that plane right now.

November 29, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterNatasha Tygart

Fascinating indeed. What a beautiful video. Amazing!!!

March 27, 2012 | Unregistered Commenterprivate jet hire cost

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