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Video: The Amazing Sound Of The Avspecs Mosquito! (Plus 3 Fighters)  

 There was an Avspecs open house over the weekend at Ardmore Airfield in New Zealand celebrating the completion of the 8 year de Havilland Mosquito restoration project for Jerry Yagen... it must have been an incredible experience for all who where able to attend. The Historical Aviation Film Unit was there and captured the awesome sound of the Rolls Royce Merlin powered Mosquito flying formation with a Merlin powered Spitfire and P-51 along with an Allison powered P-40. Wow! The Merlin must surely be the best sound ever made by man!

 The first pass made by all four airplanes has been altered to look more like we remember seeing WWII aircraft in films, and then the other passes are as we would have seen them if we were there at Ardmore that day. This is definitely a 'must see' video! I highly recommend you watch this video in 720p HD in fullscreen mode and with your speakers cranked way up. Repeat as need : )

(check out the Histortical Aviation Film Unit youtube channel)

Video screenshot of the Mosquito in formation with a Spitfire, P-51 and P-40


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Reader Comments (1)

I was very lucky to be there and took a lot of photos of this stunning war bird just amazing to see it flying again and of course with other warbirds a double treat to the eyes and ears

October 2, 2012 | Unregistered Commenterglen towler

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