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The Adventures Of The 19XX: Online Comic In Dieselpunk Style (With Airplanes!)

Screenshot of the online comic viewer for the very cool: The Adventures of the 19XX

 I first learned about the online comic known as The Adventures of the 19XX about a year ago when I stumbled across the 19XX facebook page. I knew instantly that I'd love it because it had an awesome graphic style AND it includes the use of familiar Golden Age flying machines. Tho it's not a comic dedicated to this incredible era of aircraft, you'll often find them woven into this adventure story set between WWI and WWII and presented in a sweet dieselpunk style. Here's the comic overview as presented by the man behind it all, Paul Roman Martinez:

Somewhere in the 20th century…not long after the end of the Great War, those who were capable of hearing it, received a revelation… another Great War was coming. This coming war would push the limits of technology, split the atom to create the power of a small star, and bring together forces more evil than the world has ever known. That this war would happen was man’s fatal destiny, but the outcome of the war and the details of it were not as clear. A weak League of Nations banded together to form a group. A group capable of doing what those countries could not. A group of adventurers, explorers, and scientists from every allied country to search the globe and fight a battle far from the public eye. This group is The 19XX, all the public has been told is that they are fighting for all of the good in humanity to survive the nineteen hundreds and beyond.

Their mission is to track down every powerful relic, every modern and undiscovered weapon, and every magic incantation ever uttered on the earth’s crust, because the forces of evil responsible for the next Great War would be searching for the very same thing. Nothing in the realm of the tangible or intangible is off limits when the fate of the entire world is at stake. (19XX will be updated every weeks on Mondays and Fridays, with extra stuff uploaded now and then as well)

 You can also learn more about both the comic and Paul in this recent artist spotlight at

Beautiful airship print available in the online store at

 In addition to being a free online comic that's now into its third book, the 19XX generates revenue to support Paul's work thru a store full of really cool products. Art prints like the airship one above really capture the awesome designs of the era. Paul has a good eye for 'cool' but he also does a great job of being true to the flying machines, so avgeeks should have nothing to complain about when they buy the printed versions of the comic, or maybe a t-shirt or canvas bag with printed graphics. It's all just really really cool stuff!

One of the current t-shirts design currently available thru the 19XX online store

 I'm especially excited about Paul's graphics because I've worked out a deal with him to do the actual airplane artwork for the FLY Energy Bar packages that I'm developing. The packaging for a product is such an important part of its success, and I have worked hard to create a truly fabulous design that includes Golden Age of air racing aircraft for each individual flavor... but I don't have the level art artistic skills to draw the actual airplane part of the design. Paul will be drawing up a Gee Bee R2 for me before long so that I can have a complete package design to share for the upcoming campaign for FLY Energy Bar. I think you're gonna be very impressed!

 So please go check out the comic at and then be sure to check out all the hot products in the online store... you're cool factor is sure to increase when you enter the world of The Adventures of the 19XX!


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May 31, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterGlenn M. Cassel

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