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Video: FIFI From The Flight Deck - Takeoff At Fort Worth

(check out my hi-res OSH11 wide-angle view of the FIFI cockpit thru the side window)

 This video is from back in 2011 but it's a really great cockpit view (from the observers seat) of a takeoff in the CAF B-29 FIFI. It's an awesome avgeek treat to get this inside view of the B-29, especially since the cockpit design makes it all so open and extremely visible with all that plexi. But I hope that seeing this the day after Memorial Day also helps us to remember that the military aircraft that we so often love are really tools of war. A young B-29 crew heading out on a dangerous mission probably had a lot more to be thinking about than how cool their B-29 was.

 The people who are willing to serve in the military, or accepted the call to serve during a draft (literally putting their life on the line) are special people... and they are the ones who have preserved our freedom. It just seems to me that we should all start our day with a clear understanding of the sacrifices that allow us to be a free country, and in turn I would hope that we would all work harder to stand up in our own ways to see that freedom preserved.

Screenshot: cockpit view of the B-29 FIFI on takeoff roll (observer in bombardier seat)

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Reader Comments (1)

Hi Martt, Mike here. A couple summers ago FiFi was at DuPage airport. It was the week before OSH. I was working most of the week and weekend. Monday I was off and took my tools over to visit with the Crew Chiefs, see the airplane.
So i had the pleasure of helping tinker, work off a few of the gripes they were dealing with - leaky cockpit windows after 6 inches of rain on the weekend, and a few other things. So I was all over FiFi.
-I saw 4 or 5 video cameras in different parts of the airplane, nice way to record how you and your buddies are handling that aircraft.
g'nite from Elgin

May 28, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterMike Meyer

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