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Reno 2014: Thursday 9-11-14 (Precious Metal Looks Ready To Race)

(click pic to enlarge)  Precious Metal is prepped for a test flight Thrursday before noon

 My 35-hour-long drive from Indiana to Reno went very well with my arrrival just after sunset Wednesday evening. I was able to check in at the Precious Metal pit and hung around for a couple hours as they worked well into the night to replace the carburetor with a fresh one sent up from their home base in Kissimmee. It's very fortunate that the Mayday on Tuesday was a fuel related issue and not one with the engine grinding itself up. As I write this, Thom has Precious Metal in the air for a test flight to confirm that the changes made overnight are completely successful.

(click pic to enlarge) Wednesday night as the Precious Metal Team works, works, works

 The Mayday issue kept PM from being able to qualify in the traditional manner before the deadline, so the plan is to follow Plan B which means that Thom will have to race in the Bronze Unlimited Class and win there, then move on to the Silver Class and win there to be back up in the Gold Class with the big boys. It's a very doable plan and one that actually allows for a lot of excitement along the way as well as plenty of opportunity to tweak the airplane after relatively easy races... plus there's the opportunity to keep the other teams guessing about the status of the racer : )

 The weather is great and the 2014 National Championship Air Races are in full swing... Let's go racing! 


 Be sure to watch the LiveAirShowTV video updates AND watch the races live with them if you can... click LiveAirShowTV for the details.

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