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Reno 2014: Thursday 9-11-14 - Precious Metal Wins Bronze Unlimited (CoolPix 2Fer)

(click pic for hi-res) Thom Richard will advance after winning the Bronze Unlimited race

 So, it wasn't a surprise that Thom Richard and Precious Metal easily won the Bronze Unlimited race today against two P-51's and a Corsair, but then again, everything has to work to win any race at Reno. PM sounded like she was running great but barely breathing as she easily out paced the closer-to-stock competitors. Thom finished the race with a speed of 359mph while the other P-51's, Sparky and The Rebel, were neck and neck at 319mph, and the Corsair Korean War Hero came in last at 310mph. To see the full race results for all races, go to

 A better test and challenge for Thom will come on Friday afternoon in the Silver Unlimited race. If Thom wins that race then he's back in the right division to compete against Voodoo, Strega, Rare Bear, Czech Mate (etc.) - so tomorrow's race will be one to watch for sure.

(click pic for hi-res) Some fire out both sides of the Griffon on the Bronze race start up

 Here are a couple CoolPix images from just a few hours ago... one as Precious Metal fired up for that Bronze race and one right after with Thom looking rather happy with the result. Note the fire coming out the left stacks in start up pic... and the heat waves showing that there was a lot more fire on the right side that we can't see. Thom kept cranking when the fire showed up and after another 10 seconds or so the engine was running and all the fires had been blown on thru. These big ole engines are awesome!

More to come from the 2014 National Championship Air Races!


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