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« Reno 2014: Saturday 9-13-14 - Precious Metal Advances To The Sunday Gold Race! | Main | Reno 2014: Thursday 9-11-14 - Precious Metal Wins Bronze Unlimited (CoolPix 2Fer) »

Reno 2014: Friday 9-12-14 - Precious Metal Continues Journey Toward The Gold Race

(click pic to enlarge)  Rolls Royce Griffon powered P-51 Precious Metal: race number 38

 In case you didn't get the memo, my coverage of Reno 2014 is focused on Thom Richard and his Rolls Royce Griffon powered P-51 known as Precious Metal. It makes the effort here for me a lot easier when I don't have to keep running from end to end of the pit area to try and give a bigger view of the wide range of air racers at Reno... and I'd say it's working since I'm not feeling like I've been run over by a bus. At least not yet anyway! Fortunately, Thom has given me some great access to the PM pit to gather lots of info and pix, most of which won't be shared until after the races.

(click pic to enlarge)  Thom on the ladder and the phone... always, always issues to solve

 I think it's easy to be drawn to Thom and this unique airplane, and I think the journey this team takes every year at Reno is very entertaining. I figure that's good for the unique world of air racing, and I enjoy putting some extra attention on their efforts.

(click pic to enlarge)  That big Griffon engine gets lots and lots of attention everyday!

 Thom's journey toward the big race on Sunday continued today, but it included a twist. The Silver Unlimited race today was the one that he needed to win to move up into the Gold division, but Tiger Destefani, racing in Strega, cut a pylon on Thursday which put him in that same race with Precious Metal today. I don't really understand the rules in play here, but the bottom line is that Thom didn't have to win today's race (since Strega was also racing) he just needed to come in second, which he easily did. Tiger in Strega had no trouble winning today's race which, as I understand it, moves him back into the Gold fray. Thom now needs to win the Silver race on Saturday to put him in the Gold race on Sunday.

(click pic to enlarge)  A unique wide angle view under the Precious Metal wing

 As we move into the race weekend, the journey for Team Precious Metal toward the big Gold Unlimited race on Sunday is still moving forward and remains optimistic... so let's go racing!  #lowfastleft


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