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Caption Contest #34: A Near-Miss Winner!

 I've always thought it odd when someone says 'near-miss' to describe two airplanes that came really close to each other... seems like if it was a near-miss, then maybe they actually hit?  So, to stir the pot a little (and oh how I do love to stir the pot), I've included near-miss in the title here : )

 The winning caption by @Willhamrick is a pretty clever twist on the pic of a car skydiving out the back of a Skyvan.  He's got the two having just missed each other in the air thanx to some onboard TCAS.  Great job on the unique captioneering!

 Keep watch next Monday morning for an all new caption contest to fall out of the sky. (UPDATE: the Caption Contest is gonna take a break for a bit... absence makes the heart grow fonder)



Caption Contest #32 Winner - And, Thank You Russia!

 This has definitely been a very interesting caption contest.  On Tuesday, the original post was picked up by a website in Russia that has a lot more traffic than AirPigz currently does.  It makes sense that they are interested cuz it’s a Russian Sukhoi jet fighter that was used in the filming of this ejection stunt.

 What followed was more traffic by far than I’ve ever seen here at   So, I wanna take this time to say thank you to all the cool people from Russia (and the region) who checked out AirPigz in the last few days… I hope you like what you’ve seen and officially ask for your support as I work toward AvGeek World Domination - for the good of us all : )

 And congrats again go out to Jay at Schumann Aviation for nailing it with a great caption.  It’s pretty hard not to Laugh Out Loud at that one!  If things go well, we'll do it all once again next Monday morning (3-8-10)... Russians always welcome!



Caption Contest #31 - Wing Walking Winner!

 A big thanx to everyone who played this time around - it was a great response with lots of dandy captions and some good voting too.  Looks like this game can stay out to play for a while longer : )

 Congrats go out to Jay at Schumann Aviation for wing walking his way to the winning caption.  I was pretty sure when I saw that submission that it was gonna be hard to beat.  It's also a nice follow up to podcast #8 that includes a lot of wing walking talk with Kyle Franklin.

 Watch for next Monday morning (3-1-10) and we'll see if we can do this all over again!



Caption Contest #30 Buzzes In A New Winner! 

 Captioner 'John' has bumped 'Tony' off the throne folding chair reserved for the winners of this prestigious contest - great job!  I'm getting ever closer to having all the AirPigz funny money prizes pulled together, so trading those hard fought winnings should pay off before long.

 In an odd turn of events, traffic at AirPigz is up noticeably over a month ago, but interest in the Caption Contest seems to have been on about a 300fpm rate of sink.  If we don't get back to a positive rate of climb soon, I may have to put this little pup back in the hangar. So if you like the CC, please consider whipping up a little frenzy : )

 That said, we'll try this all over again, at least one more time, starting next Monday morning 2-22-10. 



Caption Contest #29 - The First Ever Three-Peat Winner!

 We have a new world record in the Caption Contest!  The first ever three-peat winner is ’Tony’.  Three wins in a row is pretty impressive, especially for a relative newcomer to the sport.  Great job : )

 Here’s the big question: are there gonna be some serious challengers to this avgeekin’ dynasty?  I sure hope so, cuz we’ll all have a ton of fun along the way.

 Be watchin' for a new wacky pic to drop Monday morning 2-15-10 for Caption Contest #30. Be sure to have your game face on, you gotta be in it to win it... ok, I think you get the idea : )



Caption Contest #28 - A Winner Emerges : )

 Wow, 'Tony' does it again with back to back wins!  Great job : )  He'll get another $20 in AirPigz funny money for being such a great caption writer.  The even better news is that I'm currently gathering some exciting (some might say mediocre) aviation goodies to make available so all the winners can cash in their loot.  More info on that soon.

 A big thanx again to everyone who put forth a piece of avgeek humor, and to everyone who voted... it just wouldn't be a darn thing without y'all.  Keep watch for Monday morning when we'll do it all over again... do it all over again... do it all over again...



Caption Contest #27 Winner: Tunnel Vision?

 The winning caption for this extremely odd circular wing thingy (apparently from Belarus) was submitted by 'Tony' - great job!  You're now officially on the AirPigz funny money list - hopefully that will really mean something some day : )

 I did a little research but couldn't find any info to confirm if this thing actually flew.  If anyones knows more about it, I think we'd all be interested to know.

 Watch for a new wacky pic for contesting captions coming next Monday morning!



Caption Contest #26 Has A Winner - After A Special Tie-Breaker Vote!

 Lynda from @GirlsWithWings is really starting to find the sweet spot in Caption Contest writing... she's won 2 of the last 3!  It's hard to tell tho if that comes from having a sharp and clever wit, or if she simply has too much time on her hands.  Just kidding!  Great job Lynda : )

 More fun and crazy Caption Contesting will rise from the deep on Monday Morning - don't miss it!



Caption Contest #25 Winner: Up With People! 

 We're definitely getting some new players in the Caption Contest, and I think that's dandy. Congrats to Turb Coriolis for having the most popular caption for this wacky pic.  And thanx to everyone who submitted and voted too.  The whole point is to have some fun with airplanes... that way we all come out winners.

 I'd really like to see this contest grow a bunch, so maybe you all should tell your avgeek friends about it, eh?  You can tell 'em to watch for a new caption challenge to break the surly bonds of earth on Monday 1.18.10 : )



Caption Contest #24 - The Dogfight Has A Winner!

 Lynda from GirlsWithWings (twitter: @girlswithwings) was quick on the draw and submitted the first caption idea shortly after it was posted on Monday morning.  Who knew we coulda stopped right there as her caption emerged from the dogfight victorious.  Great job Lynda!

 She’s not only clever with the words, but she's doing great things inspiring girls with aviation.  Please check out her website, and I encourage you to support her work any way you can.

 Watch for the next Caption Contest to drop Monday morning : )